During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

About #WhenWePaused

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Choose what matters

#WhenWePaused is less about creating ‘great art’ than about capturing an understanding of where we find solace and meaning during this unprecedented moment in our collective history – what stands out as you reflect, pare-down or finally catch your breath. 

A photograph of something you stopped to notice, some artwork you made with your children, the title of a book that kept you going, are all valid responses to the underlying premise of this exhibition.

Some answers may come quite suddenly; others may require deeper thought or even surprise you.

Understand why

Sharing a few words about your contribution will add layers of meaning to its narrative and can help you understand why your choice mattered.

But beyond this, When We Paused is an opportunity to explore within ourselves and share with others – how we find ways to cope. Even if your only contribution is to reflect on where you find solace and meaning, we will have achieved something worthwhile.


As we look forward to a time when more traditional exhibitions become feasible, with your permission, we’ll print postcards from the uploaded content. These will be sold (by donation) with proceeds supporting front line health and wellbeing services. We hope these cards will send messages of gratitude to anyone who made a difference during this challenging time.


Finally, let us know how to credit your work (full name, anonymous, initials etc.). And while there is no obligation to leave your contact details, we might like to say thank you for getting involved.