#WhenWePaused Submission by: - HelenO Title / Description: - Wolverton in Lockdown From: - ,

#WhenWePaused Submission by:
– HelenO
Title / Description:
– Wolverton in Lockdown
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Wolverton in Lockdown

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Its of its time, reflections on now

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Wolverton in Lockdown

 Pandemic = State of Crisis = lockdown

We’re locked-in- the world’s locked out

Inside must come – out, outside must come – in.

Take away the structure, the imposition of time, the shared objectives, teams and tasks: unravel the ‘must do unto others and yourself that which is required to make the cogs of this state machine turn around’. Round and round relentlessly, till now;

Wolverton in lockdown.

Would you give yourself this time?

No, not in a month of Sundays!

I chase time, I meet myself coming back the other way.

Would you spend this time with your family?

No, not likely!

We’d press buttons and clash through the ceilings of our window of tolerance,

but we haven’t, its fine, someone lifted the lid.

Would you give yourself this space?

No, not on your nelly!

I didn’t realise the space was there.

Would you share with your neighbours?

No, not in this way.

No need, not no desire. Not a need I’ve noticed before.

Would you notice the birds?

No, you’re having a laugh!

The cars, the planes, the noise drowns them out.

Masks their song into mime.

Would you choose this time again?

Of course, pandemic free, of course.

Appreciate the small things, value the space.

 It’s not dead time, it’s a hiatus, a limbo state of mind.

Let it fill itself.