During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

In 2020 we paused…
individually, collectively and globally.

#WhenWePaused is a collaborative online exhibition by Collective Arts, exploring where we find solace and meaning as we negotiate this unprecedented moment in history during the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

We welcome your photographs, artwork and writing as part of this collective visual time capsule.

You can Upload Your work as a photograph and share a few words explaining why this image matters to you on the Online Exhibition. You can also WhatsApp your image and explanation to Collective Arts +44 (0) 7711938921. We will post a maximum of 3 images per artist.

Upload Your Work

As this exhibition explores meaning, there is no single or ‘right’ way of responding. The exhibition is inclusive and open to everyone.

See About #WhenWePaused for extra guidance.

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